WetlandMod is built upon the concept of horizontal flow biofiltration, just as the Modular Wetlands System Linear – screening, separation, & biofiltration – combined with the capacity to reduce and control water volume in a more efficient way when compared to traditional downward flow bioretention systems. The WetlandMod can utilize various media blends to meet the local stormwater bioretention specifications.


  • Horizontal flow biofiltration
  • Volume Reduction & Control
  • Pretreatment chamber
  • Peripheral void area
  • Flow control
  • No depressed planter area


In the winter of 2019 we completed an in-depth independent comparative analysis of traditional downward flow bioretention to the horiztonal flow WetlandMod. The results were impressive, showing bioretention can maintain a greater than 90% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal performance at a moderate hydraulic conductivity over an extended sediment load. More impressively, the WetlandMod horizontal flow set up was able to maintain above 90% TSS removal at a higher hydraulic conductivity and handle 50% more water volume, and 35% more sediment load than traditional bioretention.
Learn more with this in depth Bioretention and WetlandMod comparison chart.



WetlandMEDIA is an organic free alternative to traditional bioretention media. It offers higher infiltration rates and a sorptive media mix with high ion exchange capacity. This makes it ideal for nutrient removal. WetlandMEDIA also supports robust vegetation and prevents standing water.

Bioretention Mix

The WetlandMod is designed to utilize any type of bioretention mix required to meet local requirements and specifications, including a 5-Inch Per Hour sand compost mix found in most LID manuals.