• Dual-state treatment (separation and media filtration)
  • 2-chambered separation for pretreatment
  • Up flow technology minimizes maintenance
  • Minimal fall requirements
  • Easily installed online (internal bypass)
  • Passive self-cleaning technology

Water Polisher

Upflow media filter

The up-flow filter utilizes an advanced drain down system that allows for passive backwash of the media following each storm event. Backwashing the media removes accumulated particulates from the surface, preventing clogging.

System Operation

The patented design provides double chambered separation to remove large to fine sediments from stormwater run off. This configuration prevents clogging challenges found with downward flow media filters.


As water enters head pressure builds behind the internal weir to generate the force needed to operate the up flow filter. As water enters the system it passes over the first separation chamber settling out sediment. As water passes out the second separation chamber it encounters an oil skimmer which removes hydrocarbons before water is forced under the skimmer and into the up flow filter chamber. As water rises up it is forced through the media filtration bed for primary treatment before exiting the system.


Once flow into the system subsides, the water level in the system will start to fall. Once the water level reaches the upper effluent side of the up flow filter it can no longer discharge. The remaining water within the filtration media is forced downward as the drain down filters continue to treat and discharge stormwater. This passive back wash action releases pollutants that would otherwise contribute to long-term clogging and performance issues.


The Water Polisher is designed to be installed downstream of detention for volume based applications.


Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 95%
SSC 93%
Total Nitrogen 42%
Total Phosphorus 82%
Ortho-Phosphorus 95%
Total Copper 86%
Total Zinc 86%

Maintenance & Installation

  • Lowest Life-cycle Cost of any Media Filter
  • Fast and Simple Maintenance Procedures
  • Easily Cleaned with a Standard Vacuum Truck
  • Reusable cartridge can be cleaned with a standard garden hose
  • Small footprint reduces installation and shipping costs.
  • No deep sump chamber as found with tentacle-type systems. Reduces excavation costs.