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Specialty Filters

Stormwater can pick up pollutants from almost any surface. Our specialty filter category is unique, and gives sites another source for focused treatment or versatility.

Specialty Filters Products

BioSorb Booms

BioSorb Booms are the industry’s leading solution for controlling oil contamination in stormwater runoff. They are used to control and absorb oil and hydrocarbons on any surface, including water.

Downspout Filter

The Downspout Filter is the industry’s leading solution for treatment of roof runoff. This is used to treat commercial and industrial roof tops along with high-rise buildings, parking structures and residential buildings. Available in 3 sizes, this filter can easily adapt to downspout 2″ to 12″ in diameter. The filter comes standard with rubber boots that allow for easy installation to the Downspout. Approved by the IAPMO, this filter can meet all your roof runoff needs.

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Since 1999, Bio Clean has been helping municipalities, engineers, developers, and contractors comply with constantly changing storm water regulations – we’ve completed 1000’s of installations nationwide. Our product line covers every category of stormwater solutions and our products lead in each area.

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