South Carolina Stormwater Information

South Carolina's shoreline stormwater pollution is a growing concern and Bio Clean is very involved in the state - helping engineers, contractors, and developers meet design and regulatory challenges with cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

South Carolina has their own unique stormwater compliance, maintenance, and environmental concerns, but our local team of engineers and designers have an intimate knowledge of the challenges and the most dependable and cost-effective stormwater solutions to address them! Below you will find a focused list of relevant products, recent project case studies, local approvals, and contact information for your area.

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Ideal Products

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Debris Separating Baffle Box

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Case Studies & News

Stormwater Engineers Collaborate for Cost-Effective Solutions in Charleston, South Carolina

There are heightened stormwater concerns and regulations around development sites within Charleston Harbor and this site was particularly challenging. High soil contamination makes nitrogen a major concern for governing agencies as well as total suspended solids (TSS), phosphorus, and heavy metal removals. Beyond the regulations, stormwater system(s) had to address shallow groundwater elevations and adjust to accommodate high flow rates at a very shallow depth. Per city stormwater regulations, outfall couldn’t go below a certain elevation. A stormwater system would have to accommodate shallow flows across the development.

South Carolina Approvals

SciCLONE Separator

South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT)