SciCloneX Separator


The SciCloneXTM Separator ushers in a new era of capabilities and effectiveness for stormwater separators. The upgraded design has granted it an industry leading loading rate (enhanced TSS removal), and improved performance while maintaining all of the cost-effective design features our customers depend on.
NJCAT Verification & NJDEP Certification


  • Best-in-class loading rate of 64.9 gpm/sq.ft.
  • Verified 80% TSS Removal Rate
  • NJCAT Verified / NJDEP Certified
  • 100% non-corrosive internal components
  • Cost-effective with enhanced lead times
  • Approved for online applications
  • Effective at removing plastics, trash and hydrocarbons

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System Operation

Enhanced Settling of Finer Sediment

As water passes under the Oil/Floatables Skimmer, flows either travel upward to the crest of the Outlet Weir and Diverter Flange or through the Low-Flow Down Pipes. By distributing a portion of the flow away from the Outlet Weir, the velocity is reduced to enhance settling of finer sediment.


The SciCloneX provides better maintenance access than any other hydrodynamic separator on the market. The entire sump of the system is accessible and can be viewed from the finish surface.

Other systems usually have a small cleaning port, but the SciCloneX Separator is completely open from top to bottom. As illustrated above, the system is conveniently accessible from either side of the skimmer wall.


NJCAT Verification

NJDEP Certification

Stormwater Separators

Bio Clean has been supplying hydrodynamic separators for 20 years. Our devices are superior flow-through structures designed with ease of maintenance in mind and incorporate outstanding water processing controls and pollution mitigation to capture sediment, trash, and other pollutants of concern.