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One of the first places in the United States to have electric light1 was the small town of Glenwood Springs, located in the western part of Colorado. Today, Glenwood Springs is best known as a historic year-round mountain destination with multiple hot springs2. This vibrant town is at the Roaring Fork River and Colorado River’s confluence which continues to pull visitors from around the world. Protecting this natural beauty and environment are paramount, and those goals require standard protections from potential stormwater hazards.


A new development connecting the south end of Iron Mountain Hot Springs discovered a few site challenges. Corrosive soils were found, meaning any submerged concrete structures would need an additive mixed in with the concrete. Site-generated pollutants such as TSS, trash, and debris are also a concern, and treatment devices will need approval and meet Glenwood Springs’ stormwater requirements.


Hydrodynamic separators are designed to separate pollutants from stormwater, preventing trash (large plastics and even small particles) and sediments from reaching sensitive water bodies. However, not all separators can be efficiently implemented into a site design. This stormwater separator met or exceeded every goal the design engineer and the city required. As an added bonus, the SciClone Separator is available with shorter lead times.


In collaboration with the design engineer, Boundaries Unlimited, a 10’ SciClone Separator was chosen. The SciClone Separator is a cost-effective hydrodynamic separator, allowing for high TSS removal, internal bypass, and an efficient way to capture and retain free-floating oils, trash and debris.
In addition, Xypex, a concrete additive, was easily added to the precast structure to serve as protection from the corrosive soils. This 10’ SciClone, installed by CUC Construction, was sized for the high flows typically seen here in Glenwood Springs, while peak flows are controlled with SciClone’s internal bypass.


Glenwood Springs represents a destination rich with history and natural beauty. Bio Clean is proud to provide efficient stormwater treatment, engineered to meet unique site challenges, and address trash, TSS, and debris; before it contaminates the Roaring Fork River and Colorado River.

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