“Quantity Meets Lavish and Luxury.”

PROJECT: Pacific Highlands Ranch Residential Stormwater Treatment

LOCATION: North County San Diego

PRODUCTS: Modular Wetlands’ Modular Wetlands System Linear, Water Polisher (Up Flow Media Filter) and Water Polisher (standard Up Flow Media Filter)

COMPANY: Bio Clean and Modular Wetlands


Luxury is Pacific Highlands Ranch’s main objective. Considered one of San Diego’s best coastal housing developments, the development offers lavish new homes that offer distinguished living

Located in North County San Diego just east of Carmel Valley and Del Mar, Pacific Highlands Ranch prides itself on energy-efficient homes, drought-tolerant landscaping, scenic hiking trails, a state-of-the-art recreation center and 30,000-square feet of retail space.

Environmental and water concerns are at the heart of the project. Ecological areas like the San Dieguito River Valley, Gonzales Canyon and McGonigle Canyon would be affected by the new development and their protection requires proven stormwater pollution defense systems.

“It was imperative to meet requirements set by the City of San Diego in the Multiple Habitat Preservation Area (MHPA) plan, the Framework Plan and the Development of Urban Stormwater Management Plan”, declares Sean Hasan, Bio Clean”


Pacific Highlands Ranch is a master-planned development. The project includes multiple phases and stormwater units. Pacific Highlands Ranch phases 8, 9, 17 and 18 are currently planned for 2016, with more phases anticipated in the future. These include multiple phases around the property, the Pacific Highlands Ranch Recreation Center and the Villages at Pacific Highlands Ranch.

The City of San Diego and Pardee Homes commissioned Latitude 33 Planning & Engineering to devise a respectable plan to meet San Diego regulations for residential stormwater treatment. Therefore Bio Clean was the most logical resource for both their engineering expertise and proven product line.

A suite of Bio Clean products have been deployed to date; including but not limited to, a Water Polisher (Up Flow Media Filter), Water Polisher (standard Up Flow Media Filter) and Modular Wetland Systems’ Modular Wetlands System Linear (MWS Linear). Overall, the multi-phased project will be home to Water Polishers (standard Up Flow Media Filter), 3 BioMedia Inline Filter Screens, and 12 MWS Linears.*


These products are able to meet the city’s environmental and stormwater regulations with fewer units on average, unlike the marginal efficiency of other stormwater products on the market. The Water Polisher achieved a 0.94 treatment capacity and 95.64 cf. ft. sediment storage capacity. The MWS Linear provides the new development with a heightened treatment level for debris, sediments, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), metals and several types of nutrients. The MWS Linear is the only cost-effective stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) available to achieve 0.13 cfs treatment capacity in a minimal footprint with minimal fall requirements.

Bio Clean products continue to be specified as reliable and cost-effective stormwater solutions as they are easily combined or work independently to achieve project requirements. Combining stormwater systems on the Pacific Highlands Ranch development sped up the project completion time and curtailed the need for supplemental systems.

* These are planned quantities and are subject to change until the completion of the project.


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Modular Wetlands’ Modular Wetlands System Linear Performance

PollutantRemoval Efficiency
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)85%
Total Phosphorus64%
Ortho Phosphorus67%
Dissolved Zinc66%
Dissolved Copper38%
Total Zinc69%
Total Copper50%
Motor Oil95%