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2019 CASQA Awardee: Outstanding Industrial Stormwater BMP Implementation Project: Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Modernization Project – Stormwater Biofiltration System – Port of San Diego

Photo credit: Christian Braun, Port of San Diego


“The Port saw an opportunity to integrate additional stormwater capture and treatment into the Project and treat a much greater drainage area than the 8.8 acres obligated under Port BMP Design Manual requirements. The Project team assembled workshops to understand how to strategically capture a larger drainage area and treat stormwater before it is discharged into San Diego Bay. A compact treatment concept using the Modular Wetlands System Linear designed by Bio Clean was then designed to treat 41.4 acres of the 96-acre TAMT. 40.3 acres drain to the specific Project site, and 1.1 acres drain to another Modular Wetlands System Linear which treats runoff from new office structures on site. The Project treats almost half of TAMT (see Attachment 1).
The Modular Wetlands System Linear BMP achieves the intended results by providing water quality treatment on a space constrained site with high groundwater and tidal influence. The Modular Wetlands System Linear targets the priority pollutants found at the site, and was constructed on time and under budget.”

About the Modular Wetlands System Linear (MWS Linear)

The Modular Wetlands System Linear is the most efficient and versatile biofiltration system on the market, and the only stormwater biofilter using horizontal flow which improves performance, reduces footprint, and minimizes maintenance.

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  • Washington Ecology (TAPE) Approval with General Use Level Designation (GULD): With or without plants (open planter or sealed), the system maintains superior performance in any design configuration.
  • Can Accept Existing Pipe Below Surface: Piping into the system opens up numerous configuration and design options, like downstream use or diverting for retrofits.
  • Works Months Without Requiring Maintenance: The easily accessible pretreatment chamber traps and isolates trash, sediments, and hydrocarbons. A unique feature, proven to keep maintenance frequencies & costs at industry-leading lows.
  • Can Accommodate High Flow Internal Bypass: The Side-By-Side Orientation option allows abnormal high flows to bypass from pretreatment directly to the discharge chamber.
  • Design Flexibility & Safety: Space-saving design provides low excavation and installation costs, plus there is no dangerous depressed planter bed.