Fiberlgass MWS Linear for Downspout Applications


The Fiberglass MWS Linear for Downspout Applications is an adaptation of the MWS Linear and is designed as an above-ground planter box to treat roof runoff. The system is lightweight, available in various sizes, and easy to install without the use of heavy equipment. It offers a pretreatment tray to collect leaves and debris for easy removal.

BMPs Advantages

  • Horizontal Flow Biofiltration
  • Pre-Treatment Chamber
  • Volume Reduction & Control
  • Peripheral Void Area
  • Flow Control
  • No Depressed Surface


Dissolved Zinc 86%
Dissolved Copper 65%
TSS 85%
Total Phosphorus 64%
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen 45%


The Modular Wetland Systems utilize a proprietary blend of bioretention media that outperforms standard sand filters, […]