Modular Wetland® System Linear


The Modular Wetlands® System is Bio Clean’s flagship biofiltration product and represents a pioneering breakthrough in stormwater treatment. The MWS Linear has superior pollutant removal for TSS, heavy metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, and bacteria. With its advanced pretreatment chamber and innovative horizontal flow biofilter, the MWS Linear is able to effectively remove pollutants through a combination of physical, chemical, and biological filtration processes.

BMPs Advantages

  • Horizontal flow biofiltration
  • Greater filter surface area
  • Pretreatment chamber
  • Patented perimeter void area
  • Flow control
  • No depressed planter area
  • Auto draindown means no mosquito vector

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The Modular Wetlands® System, often considered the most trusted standard for stormwater compliance, uses a smaller footprint yet provides more treatment surface area. It is the only stormwater biofilter using horizontal flow which improves performance and minimizes maintenance. Request a Lunch & Learn today, and get regionally-focused insight and solutions from a local Bio Clean stormwater expert.


Washington TAPE GULD

Virginia DEQ Assignment

MASTEP Evaluation

Rhode Island DEM

Texas TCEQ

California Full Capture

Maryland MDE

Atlanta Regional Commission


Modular Wetlands® System has been successfully used on numerous new construction and retrofit projects. The system’s
superior versatility makes it beneficial for a wide range of stormwater and waste water applications.

Industrial Sites

Parking Lots
Mixed Use

Low Impact Development
Waste Water

Technical Details

Click on a size to view technical drawing:

Curb Type                            Vault Type

MWS-L-4-4                            MWS-L-4-4

MWS-L-4-6                            MWS-L-4-6

MWS-L-4-8                            MWS-L-4-8

MWS-L-4-13                          MWS-L-4-13

MWS-L-4-15                          MWS-L-4-15

MWS-L-4-17                          MWS-L-4-17

MWS-L-4-19                          MWS-L-4-19

MWS-L-4-21                          MWS-L-4-21

MWS-L-6-8                             MWS-L-6-8

MWS-L-8-8                             MWS-L-8-8

MWS-L-8-12                           MWS-L-8-12

MWS-L-8-16                           MWS-L-8-16

MWS-L-8-24                           MWS-L-8-24

MWS-L-10-20                         MWS-L-10-20

General use level designation (GULD) | View Certificate

Virginia DEQ | View Certificate

MASTEP | View Certificate

Rhode Island DEM | View Certificate

City of Portland | View Approval

California Water Resources Control Board – Full Capture | View Approval News

New York State | View Approval


TSS 85%
Total Phosphorus 64%
Ortho Phosphorus 67%
Motor Oil 95%

Maintenance and Installation

Installation Manual
Maintenance Manual


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