Watch It Work

The MWS Linear Video Animation gives the viewer a multi-dimensional view of every stage in this unique and innovative stormwater system. It’s a comprehensive look at the internal functionality that gives the MWS Linear such efficient and effective results.

The MWS Linear is the most efficient and versatile biofiltration system on the market, and the only stormwater biofilter using horizontal flow which improves performance, reduces footprint, and minimizes maintenance. The MWS Linear stormwater system is equipped with a number of unique design and material features that combine to completely set it apart and give it substantial advantages over alternative biofilters or BMPs. The MWS Linear can be installed inline, support almost any plant life, sustain low maintenance costs, and meet compliance regulations.

The MWS Linear was the first stormwater system or BMP to enter into Washington State’s Department of Ecology TAPE program and receive approval on its first attempt or application. The prestigious agency granted General Use Level Designation (GULD) for Basic (TSS), Enhanced (heavy metals – Zinc and Copper), and Total Phosphorus treatment regiments. In addition, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality assigned the MWS Linear, the highest phosphorus removal rating for manufactured treatment devices to meet the new Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Technical Criteria.