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Bio Clean offers a complete cleaning and maintenance program for your stormwater BMPs. Our service includes detailed maintenance reporting and disposal of collected discharge in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Catch Basin Filters

Curb Inlets | Grate Inlets

  • Remove trash, debris & sediment from filter – performed by hand or vactor truck
  • Power wash filter
  • Inspect filter components for damage
  • Evaluate/replace hydrocarbon boom
  • Replace or repair fabric filter
  • OHSA confined space entry may be required
  • Transport & dispose collected discharge according to regulations


Bioretention | Bioswales | Wetlands | Tree Box

  • Supplement irrigation during initial years
  • Vegetation maintenance – trim & weed, plant replacement
  • Mulch & soil media replacement
  • Repair erosion areas
  • Remove trash, debris & sediment
  • Maintain & repair inflow/outflow structures

Detention Basins | Infiltration Basins

  • Clean & remove trash, debris & sediment
  • Manage vegetation
  • Repair erosion on embankment and side slopes
  • Maintain & repair inflow/outflow structures

Vault Systems

Hydrodynamic Separators | Media Filters | Oil Water Separators | Underground Storage

  • Inspect to determine need for maintenance
  • Examine structural integrity & operational conditions (according to unit specifications)
  • Remove trash, debris & sediment in vault using vactor truck
  • If vault entry is required, OSHA rules for confined space entry must be followed
  • Replace filter media or cartridges
  • Transport & dispose collected discharge according to regulations