Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) Marks Approval for SciCLONE Separator

The SciCLONE® Separator, with 80% total suspended solids (TSS) removal, may now be used to provide water quality treatment in new development applications in Kentucky and Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD). The SciCLONE Separator is now proven to be one of the most efficient hydrodynamic separators on the market…and it’s the first technology approved under the newly revised Indianapolis testing protocol, which the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) relies on!

The SciCLONE Separator is a highly effective stormwater system that will continue to gain accreditation in new regions of the country and give every stormwater engineer and development huge advantages:

  • 80% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal per New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) & Indianapolis (INDY) protocols
  • One of the most economic maintenance routines compared to other separators
  • Built with readily and locally available precast manhole components
  • 100% non-corrosive internal components
  • Effective at removing floatables, trash and hydrocarbons