The Kraken™ Filter

The Kraken™ Filter is a state-of-the-art system utilizing advanced membrane filtration, ensuring a high level of removals for TSS, phosphorus, nutrients, metals, trash, and hydrocarbons. The Kraken membrane filter cartridge provides high flow rates, while the system can operate at a low loading rate to ensure maximum performance, minimum maintenance, and far less clogging.

BMPs Advantages

  • No Granular Media to Replace
  • High Flow Rates & Maximum Surface Area
  • Loading Rate of 0.05 gpm/sq.ft., for Minimal Maintenance
  • Membrane Filter Cartridges can be Easily Removed & Cleaned by Hand
  • Built-in Pre-treatment Chamber Captures Trash, Sediments, Debris and Hydrocarbons
  • Filter Cartridge Dries out between Storm Events to Prevent Biofilm Growth which can Cause Clogging and Other Performance Issues

Learn More About the Kraken™

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The Kraken™ Filter’s low loading rate allows it to keep maintenance needs low and prevent clogging issues often found in other filter systems advertising high loading rates. Request a Lunch & Learn today, and get regionally-focused insight and solutions from a local Bio Clean stormwater expert.


Washington DOE CULD

NJCAT Verification

NJDEP Certification

Atlanta Regional Commission


The Kraken membrane filter’s ability to accommodate high flow rates while requiring minimal maintenance,
makes it beneficial for a wide range of stormwater applications.

System Operation


Pretreatment captures trash, hydrocarbons, and sediments.

Membrane Filtration

Riser tubes create an upward flow path, so loading is evenly distributed over the vertical height of the cartridge.

Peak Capacity

After water passes through the filter and reaches the top of the membrane cartridges, flow through begins.


Bypass prevents scouring of sediments captured within the filtration chamber.


Removal of TSS (NJCAT PSD) 89%
Removal of Trash 99%
Removal of Phosphorus (Expected - Varies with Particle size) 50%
Removal of Total Metal (Expected - Varies with particle size) 50%
Removal of Total Percentage Hydrocarbons (Expected) 90%

Maintenance & Installation

  • Lowest Life-cycle Cost of Any Media Filter
  • Fast and Simple Maintenance Procedures
  • Easily Cleaned with a Standard Vacuum Truck
  • Reusable Cartridge can be Cleaned with a Standard Garden Hose
  • Small Footprint Reduces Installation and Shipping Costs.
  • No Deep Sump Chamber as Found with Tentacle-type Systems. Reduces Excavation Costs.