NJDEP Certification
The State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
“The NJDEP certifies the use of the Kraken Stormwater Filtration System by BioClean Environmental Service, Inc., at a TSS removal rate of 80%, when designed, operated and maintained in accordance with the information provided.”

“The Stormwater Management rules under N.J.A.C. 7:8-5.5(b) and 5.7(c) allow the use of manufactured treatment devices (MTDs) for compliance with the design and performance standards at N.J.A.C. 7:8-5 if the pollutant removal rates have been verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) and have been certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). BioClean Environmental Services, Inc. has requested a Laboratory Certification for the Kraken Stormwater Filtration System…”
“NJCAT verification documents submitted to the NJDEP indicate that the requirements of the aforementioned protocol have been met or exceeded. The NJCAT letter also included a recommended certification TSS removal rate and the required maintenance plan.”