Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB) Receives Indianapolis’s Approval

Bio Clean is proud to announce that our full capture Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB), with up to 83% TSS Removal, now has approval to provide water quality treatment for new developments and public projects in the City of Indianapolis.

In 2019 the DSBB received New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) verification at a hydraulic loading rate of 32.31 gpm/sq.ft. with 83.6% removal at a 125 micron average particle size. The system also passed the scour testing portion of the protocol and can be used online with internal bypass.

Zach Kent, VP of Product Development & Regulatory Compliance adds, “We are very proud to be one of the few companies that only use third-party, independent ISO [International Standard Organization] certified laboratories to do our product testing.”

  • NJCAT Verification at a loading rate of 32.31 gpm/sq.ft.
  • 6% Removal at a 125 Micron Average Particle Size
  • Scour Testing: The DSBB also passed the scour testing portion of the NJCAT protocol, qualifying it for online use.

The Debris Separating Baffle Box’s non-clogging screening system stores trash and debris in a dry state, suspended above the sedimentation chambers, minimizing nutrient leaching, bacterial growth, bad odors, and allows for easier cleaning.

The triple-chambered design provides higher removals of total suspended solids over a wide range of particle sizes, including the finest particles, while the deflector shields ensure no scouring of captured sediments during high flow. A unique feature that allows the system to be installed in-line, thus eliminating the need for diversion structures.