Key Products Used: Modular Wetlands System Linear L-8-16 DVERT System
Project Type: Stormwater Treatment
Location: La Verne, California
Engineering Firm: C&V Engineering
Project Owner: City Ventures

Installation Contractor: Becker Pipeline

Bio Clean & Modular Wetlands Staff: Michael Frasco | Zach Boegeman | Gurinder Singh

Challenges and Solutions

This project had a number of design challenges. Here are the comments from the Engineer of the project:

“C&V Consulting, Inc. strives to provide value engineering services to our clients, by maximizing creative and innovative water quality treatment systems to provide efficient and effective site planning and design. The Emerald Collection project, located in the City of La Verne, California, was a unique and challenging engineering site.

In the existing condition, the site consisted of undeveloped, pervious vacant land. Several mature oak trees occupied the site. Some of the trees were to remain in place, while others were moved to other locations on site. All of the existing oak trees were to be protected during construction. Because of the locations of the oak trees remaining in place, placement of the proposed drainage facilities, including an underground 48” detention pipe, sump catch basins, area drain system and other site utilities proved to be challenging.

Instead of using multiple Modular Wetlands System Linear (MWS Linear) units at each sump area, Bio Clean Environmental’s inventive DVERT System was utilized, which allows the collection and conveyance of low flows to one primary unit. C&V and Bio Clean Environmental collaborated to develop a modified MWS Linear [model] MWS-8-16-L vault that met the required water quality treatment flow rate for the entire site and accommodate the connection of the three DVERT Systems and the area drain system while meeting the downstream storm drain depth restrictions. The MWS Linear systems have the flexibility to be located anywhere onsite, meet majority for site constraints and can be easily incorporated into the landscape design. Most importantly from an engineering perspective, the MWS [Linear] provides the ability for area drain connections and diversion of low flows, ensuring that the entire site meets the governing agency’s water quality regulations.”

– Joy Hendricks, Project Engineer, C&V Consulting, Inc.