Catch Basin Inlet Filters


The Bio Clean Catch Basin Inlet Filters are insertable systems designed to capture fine to coarse sediments, floatable trash, debris, total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons conveyed in stormwater runoff. The filter system is available in four different model types: Full Capture Type, Multi-Level Screen Type, Kraken Filter Type, and the Media Filter Type.


  • 8 Year Warranty | 15+ User Life
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Stainless Steel and Fiberglass Construction
  • No Nets or Geofabrics
  • Meets LEED requirements
  • Easiest to Maintain (15 minute or less, service time)
  • No Replacement Costs (typical of other fabric filters)

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The Catch Basin Inlet Filters are an effective and economical solution to help property owners, developers, and municipalities meet local, state, and federal water quality requirements and regulations, as each filter can be custom built to meet specific project needs, and screen size and media type can be modified to remove specific

Catch Basin Filter Types

Full Capture Type

CA Water Board Certified

Utilizes self-cleaning screen design to minimize clogging. Certified to meet full capture requirements by removing 100% of trash and debris down to 5 mm.


CA Water Control Board 100% of Trash

Multi-Level Screen Type

NJCAT Verified

The best performing filter for all pollutants. Balanced treatment efficiency and higher flow rates utilizing multi-level screen technology.


NJDEP Testing Protocol
86.6% of TSS (Down to 100 Micron)

Kraken Filter Type

Advanced Pollutant Removal

The reusable Kraken membrane filters obtain higher removals in a catch basin configuration and they are easily removed for simple cleaning.


Third Party Testing
85% of TSS & 72% of TP

Media Filter Type

Design for Industrial Applications

Great for industrial applications; Various sorptive media targets hard to remove metals and other pollutants often found in industrial settings.


Port of San Diego Field Testing
82% of TSS


New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT)


The Catch Basin Filters have been successfully used on numerous new construction and retrofit projects. The system’s superior durability and customization make them ideal for a wide range of stormwater applications.

Parking Lot Curb Inlets
Parking Lot Grate Inlets

Roadway Curb Inlets
Roadway Grate Inlets

Bioswale Bypass Structures
Stormwater Pretreatment

System Operation

Each Catch Basin Inlet Filter is designed to be insertable and the expandable trough system is designed to convey water quality design flows through the filter basket while allowing peak flows to bypass over the trough without resuspending captured pollutants. The modular design of the trough system makes it adaptable to any size or type of curb inlet catch basin.

Maintenance & Installation


Grate type filters can be lifted out by hand for routine maintenance and inspections and curb type filters are easily accessed from the surface without entering the catch basin.


Catch Basin Inlet Filters are easily installed under a catch basin access or grate inlet for ease of maintenance.

Catch Basin Filter Comparison

Every stormwater project is unique and has its own set of design challenges plus short and long term goals. In order to meet regulatory standards, and exceed performance & maintenance goals, there are key factors every design should evaluate. Bio Clean offers the most comprehensive line of Catch Basin Filters on the market which includes different types for various product goals. The Full Capture Trash Type is CA Water Board certified and the Multi-Level Screen Type boasts best overall treatment, while the Kraken Filter Type, and the Media Filter options are optimally designed for industrial projects.
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