California State Water Resources Control Board
Approves the First Full Capture Stormwater Biofiltration System

The Modular Wetlands® System can do what no other biofilter can. It has now combined full capture capabilities with it’s horizontal flow biofiltration. Lending more proof to its versatile yet powerful design.

What it Means

According to the Water Boards website criteria, Full Capture Certification for Trash TMDSs requires a system “to trap all particles retained by a 5 mm mesh screen and has a design treatment capacity of not less than the peak flow rate Q resulting from a one-year, one-hour, storm in the subdrainage area.” Q=CIA

The Modular Wetland System (MWS Linear) has acheived this, while still maintaining all the benefits of horizontal flow:

  • A smaller footprint
  • Higher treatment capacity
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Substantially lowering maintenance costs
  • “Vector Control Friendly” Feature: Eliminating standing water in the basin
  • Discharge Chamber
  • “Vector Control Friendly” Feature: Also contributes to eliminating standing water