California State Water Resources Control Board
Approves the DSD Separator (Deflective Screening Device) Stormwater Separator

The DSD Separator (Deflective Screening Device) is a low-cost, yet proven stormwater system now with approval by California for Full Capture treatment – capturing 100% of trash and debris (equal to or greater than 5mm in diameter). The DSD utilizes a unique and effective non-clogging design that ensures high treatment flow rates are controlled, but is also one of the easiest separators to maintain given the easy-access sump chamber. Learn more: DSD Separator Product Page

What it Means

According to the Water Boards website criteria, Full Capture Certification for Trash Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) requires a system “to trap all particles retained by a 5 mm mesh screen and has a design treatment capacity of not less than the peak flow rate Q resulting from a one-year, one-hour, storm in the sub-drainage area.” Q=CIA

The DSD Separator (Deflective Screening Device) has achieved this, and is still one of the easiest separators to clean with a typical vac truck:

  • Meets California Full Capture Requirements
  • In-line design allows for internal high flow bypass
  • Low cost alternative to more expensive deflective shield separators
  • Non-clogging screening technology
  • 100% Noncorrosive internal components
  • Easiest separator to maintain with easy access to sump using standard vac hose