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Bio Clean’s engineered biofiltration systems incorporate nature’s own filtration power and water control into efficient and effective systems. Innovative and exclusive horizontal flow designs and specific media make Bio Clean’s systems more versatile and adaptive to meet challenges, regulations, and settings in countless regions and environments.

Biofiltration Products

Modular Wetlands® System Linear

Modular Wetlands® System (MWS Linear) represents a pioneering breakthrough in stormwater technology as the only biofiltration system to utilize patented horizontal flow, allowing for a smaller footprint and higher treatment capacity. Unlike most biofiltration products, MWS Linear offers an advanced pretreatment chamber that includes separation and prefilter cartridges.

MWS Downspout

The MWS Downspout is an adaptation of the MWS Linear and is designed as an above ground planter box to roof runoff. The system is lightweight, available in various sizes and easy to install without the use of heavy equipment. It offers a pretreatment try to collect leaves and debris for easy removal.


WetlandMod® is built upon the concept of horizontal flow biofiltration, just as the MWS Linear. The WetlandMod can utilize various media blend to meet the local stormwater bioretention specifications.

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Since 1999, Bio Clean has been helping municipalities, engineers, developers, and contractors comply with constantly changing storm water regulations – we’ve completed 1000’s of installations nationwide. Our product line covers every category of stormwater solutions and our products lead in each area.

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