The Kraken Filter Achieves Washington Department of Ecology (CULD) Approval

Conditional Use Level Designation (CULD) for Basic and Phosphorus Treatment.

Bio Clean Environmental Services, a leading provider of stormwater treatment systems, announces that the Kraken Filter has been approved by the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) with a Conditional Use Level Designation (CULD) for Basic and Phosphorus treatment. Achieving this coveted designation means that the Kraken Filter is approved for use on new and redevelopment projects in Washington, a state with some of the strictest environmental stormwater standards in North America.

“We are delighted to have achieved CULD approval from the State of Washington,” said Zachariha Kent, Bio Clean Environmental VP of Product Development & Regulatory Compliance. “This CULD approval, along with the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT)/ New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) approval the Kraken Filter earned in 2016, means that municipalities, engineers, developers, and contractors around the world have access to the Best-In-Class Membrane Filter.” Zach went on to add, “Each Kraken Filter system comes with an internal bypass and the option of three different filter heights (10”, 20” and 30”) thereby allowing the design engineer great flexibility for their unique project demands.”

Bio Clean Environmental’s Kraken Filter is an engineered stormwater quality treatment device utilizing a reusable membrane filter designed to remove high levels of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), hydrocarbons, and particulate bound metals and nutrients found in contaminated stormwater.

The Kraken Filter provides high flow rates in a smaller footprint. The 170 sq.ft. of surface area allows it to operate at a loading rate of only 0.05 gpm per square foot, to ensure maximum performance and minimum maintenance. The Kraken Filter’s low loading rate successfully overcomes high maintenance requirements and frequent clogging issues often found in other filter systems advertising high loading rates. Overall, the Kraken Filter provides no granular media to replace, high treatment flows with minimal footprint, low-cost treatment systems, easily-maintained filter cartridges providing reuse and unclogging capabilities.

The State of Washington Department of Ecology evaluated the Kraken Filter using its Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (TAPE). In keeping with the mission of the Department of Ecology to protect, preserve, and enhance Washington’s environment, the Kraken Filter has met strict performance goals in relation to removing suspended solids, phosphorus and dissolved metals such as copper and zinc.

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