Bio Clean ARS

The Bio Clean ARS (Automatic Retractable Screen) is the industry’s most unique and dependable automatic retractable screen system, designed to block trash and debris from entering storm drains during dry weather flows and light to moderate rain.

The Bio Clean ARS blades move independently blocking trash and allowing water to move freely underneath. The Bio Clean ARS can also be adjusted for more restrictive flow or a looser tolerance for increased water capacity, and individually changed for easy maintenance.


  • Minimal parts make this a more cost-effective and easily maintained design
  • Quick, easily adjustable installation on all size catch basin
  • Plastic blades are durable yet harmless to street sweeping equipment
  • Routine street sweeping is the only maintenance required
  • Easily customize-able for curb inlet heights ranging from 2” to 10”

What makes the Bio Clean ARS a better solution?

It will not jam.

Can fit any size vault opening.

Fully adjustable system.

Trash stays outside the storm drain opening.

Remains closed until needed.

Made of recyclable materials.

System Operation

Design & Flow

  • – Effectively stops trash and debris
  • – Blades only open where water flows and trash is pushed toward closed section
  • – Gate blades open with the water flow and readjust to close right after
  • – Water flows easily through the moving blades
  • – Tension cables are adjusted to the water flow pressure

After a Storm Event

  • – Tension line keeps blades closed during dry weather and street sweeping
  • – Debris left in front of the gates after the storm
  • – The gate is not stuck open after the storm


The Bio Clean ARS (Automatic Retractable Screen) stormwater system is approved by Los Angeles County as a 92.6% trash capture system and installed worldwide and operational in 25 states. The Bio Clean ARS design will not get stuck in an open position (where trash can enter), positive force returns the Bio Clean ARS to the closed position while water flows move the individual blades for a more responsive result to flow.


The Bio Clean ARS (Automatic Retractable Screen) is durable enough to handle routine street sweeping, which is the only maintenance necessary. Further, the Bio Clean ARS will not damage or harm any street sweeping equipment.